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Photography Workshops



Course Description
Introroduction to digital photography as a fine art and as a means of personal expression. This class gives students the needed technical and aesthetic skills to make quality digital photographs, digital video art and publishing them in a web page portfolio. Topics covered include: Digital Cameras, Basic use of Adobe Photoshop and Basic Web-Page Design. Students will need to bring their own digital camera to the workshops. This class is an introduction to basic photographic principles of using a digital camera and making digital prints. All students will be expected to know these principles as well as how to use them in such a way that they can produce original and inventive photography.
The workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays
class 1: from 3:05pm to 4:05pm grades 7 to 9. 
class 2: from 4:05pm to 5:05pm grades 10 to 12. 
Copyright © 2012 Francisco Gierbolini Photography Inc. All rights reserved.
The course will have a duration of 35 weeks and will be divided into two semesters, the first semester will be focus on digital photography and video arts. The second semester will be directed to a web design portfolio and photoshoop workshops:
• Ten photo workshops
• 2 photo exhibitions
• 2 creative photo techniques
• Workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art
• Tour taking pictures of the different attractions of 
  cultural interest throughout the island of 
  Puerto Rico.
• Web-page desing portfolio.
• Photo contests reviews and how to compite for big prizes.
The total cost of the course of digital photography and web-page design portfolio is $300 per semester. The cost does not include materials and cameras for students.The student will have the opportunity to interact with a professional digital camera equipment during the workshops (Canon 50D, reflector, pro flash, light meter, etc.) 
*10 students minimum enrolled per class.

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